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Direct to Garment Print

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Direct to garment prints are great for times when you need a one off design, or a limited number of garments.
Having the ability to create photo-realistic images directly on to the garment, using special inks, gives a lightweight, soft to the touch experience to the wearer.
DTG can be printed on to light coloured garments or dark garments, after the application of a pre-treatment solution, which gives more vibrancy and better longevity through a number of wash cycles to the product.
Purchasers should be aware that printed images created using the DTG process may lose some vibrancy after washing and gradually drop off further after multiple wash cycles.
For this reason we wouldn't recommend this method of production for workwear unless it is for a short term promotion.

DTG works best on 100% cotton t-shirts.

We can print your design to the Left Breast, Right Breast, Centre of Chest, Big Front, Big Back or Nape of Neck.

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