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Screen Print

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If you're looking to develop a brand where you are using an identical image, with a limited colour palette, over many garments this may be the option for you.
The screen printing process is less suited to low volume orders because there are initial set-up costs involved in producing screens. The minimum quantity to make screen printing viable would be 25 items, though the more you have at one time, the more the set-up costs will be absorbed.
A benefit of screen printed garments is the cost per item on large orders and the durability of the print, through the garments life.

Screen printing work best on t-shirts.

We can screen print your design to the Left Breast, Right Breast, Centre of Chest, Big Front or Big Back.

Screen printing is a cost-effective way to personalise your clothing, workwear uniforms and garments. Whether you are starting your own t-shirt business, looking to customise your team's uniform or creating memorabilia for a sports club or a charity event, our method of printing ensures a quick turnaround while maintaining the quality of your print. Once you've found the perfect design or motif for your clothing, ensured it's not breached any copyright rules and is stylish, it's time to call us to get it printed.